Taking a Year Out To Learn English Can Be a Great Boost To Your Language Skills!

24.5.2011 | Posted in Articles

If you want to learn a foreign language then there is no better way than to get yourself fully immersed in the country and culture where it is spoken.

Whilst there is always value in learning from a class room and out of text books nothing quite beats living and breathing the language that you are learning. If you immerse yourself in the country and the culture for a good period of time (say for about 6 to 12 months) then you will be find that your language skills will most likely come on in leaps and bounds and pretty soon you will be well on your way to becoming fluent.

If you are thinking about learning English at a language school then why not think about joining one of the language schools in an English speaking country? Travel4English has English language schools in Australia, the UK and Malta so these language schools would be the perfect place to travel and learn English.

If you try and tie in a long stay in the countries then you will really start to reap the benefits as you will be practising the English that you are learning on a day to day basis. There are different ways that you can plan your stay. If you are looking to keep to a budget then staying with a host family is a really good option as not only will you be staying in a welcoming home (great for younger students) but you will also save a lot of money on accommodation fees. By being involved in the family side of things you will be right in the action and your English skills will grow exponentially.
If however you are looking to be a little more autonomous (maybe you are looking to join one of the adult courses and you want your own space), then there is always the option for your to take a short term let on some accommodation or maybe even look for a house share. This way you will still be able to maintain some of your independence but at the same time still be living and speaking the language often throughout the day.Travel4English will be able to help you out with whatever level of accommodation you need, just ask!

A year out with the sole purpose of learning a language is a really good use of your time. It will improve your skills immensely and also help you to gain some valuable life experience. If you are still a student and have not yet joined the world of paid employment then including a job whilst you are staying abroad will further help to hone your language skills and it will look absolutely fantastic on your CV.

Feedback from people who have spent time abroad to learn a language is positive and many not only learn a new skill but make lifelong friends and get memories that last a lifetime!


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